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1st NYCA Tournament at Q300

On June 12 2022, NYCA organized the Q300 Tournament. By including five different class categories, the tournament was open to players of different levels, rated or unrated. With around 75 participants, the event garnered considerable appeal with many spectators and competitors.

The all-day event made use of the Swiss System to maximize play time and game exposure for every player. With trophies and medals to be won, everyone brought their best game! The meet was incredibly well-received by all parties and provided a great opportunity for players to further hone their skills. The in-person aspect also helped foster a greater sense of community and brought more personal interactions to the sport. We at NYCA were incredibly excited to see (as well as be part of) the continued development and growth of the players.

We would also like to extend our warmest congratulations below to those who placed top in each of the categories:

  • Novice 1 - William Li

  • Novice 2 - Kiyo Nagano

  • Elementary - Liaofan Chen

  • Booster - Gabriela Ghile

  • Reserve - Aiden Sun

A huge well-done to everyone involved and a thank-you for an amazing turnout! We hope to see everyone again in future tournaments.

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