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Islip Library

71 Monell Ave, Islip, NY 11751

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Islip Public Library Programs

NYCA is exhilarated to announce a partnership with Islip Public Library! With its vast array of books as well as additional activities, Islip Library provides an excellent place for learning and discovery. Children as well as adults are able to partake in the community centered around the library.

Enrichment Classes
The Islip Library Programs are open to the community and aims to promote the academic, social-emotional, and development of youth through chess.
Open to kids, beginners to intermediate levels To learn about the schedule, please contact the library.
New York Chess Academy and Islip Library

Islip Public Library is an important part of the local community. Apart from books, the library hosts a multitude of events for all age groups and demographics, including board games and even cooking demonstrations. Islip Library is also staffed by a group of enthusiastic individuals with a passion for spreading knowledge. Their specialized interests mean that the library is able to draw in people of many backgrounds and hobbies. The friendly atmosphere and learning ideology of the organization make it an excellent match for NYCA’s approach to teaching chess. The partnership with this library is hoped to introduce many children to the life-long joys of reading and learning.

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