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Price Increase Notice: Online Private Lessons Starting February 1, 2024, we will be increasing the price of online private lessons (Standard package), which is currently priced at $19 per session. The updated price will start from $25 per session. The Plus and Pro lessons will remain unchanged.

Online Private Lessons

An interactive one-on-one lesson for all levels and ages. You can choose your own schedule and we'll find a coach to match your availability. Each student will be assessed by the coach (on the first session) and the lesson plans will be crafted based on the needs, skill-level, strengths, and weaknesses.

 Online Private Lesson Packages:

  • STANDARD: Standard private lessons will be handled by an advanced-level chess coaches. This is ideal for beginners (Unrated to 600) - learning the piece movements and values, rules of the games, notation, tactics, and checkmates. Not recommended for adults.

  • Single Session: $35/hour

  • Five Sessions: $30/hour ($150 package value)

  • Ten Sessions: $25/hour ($250 package value)

  • PLUS: Expert-level chess coaches will be handling the lessons. Recommended for players who already know the basics and want to work on improving the opening, middle game, and endgame.

  • Single Session: $50/hour

  • Five Sessions: $45/hour ($225 package value)

  • Ten Sessions: $39/hour ($390 package value)

  • PRO: This is a Chess master-level coaching perfect for advanced chess players.

  • Single Session: $75/hour

  • Five Sessions: $70/hour ($350 package value)

  • Ten Sessions: $64/hour ($640 package value)

** Please note that all the pricing listed above are open to all levels and ages. The only difference is the skill level of the coach providing the lessons. All our coaches are experienced and competitive instructors. Students have different preferences and may want to have a chess master coach.



Handled by advanced-level chess coaches, ideal for unrated players to 400 USCF rating

from $25/hr



Handled by expert-level chess coaches, for unrated players to 1200 USCF rating

from $39/hr



Chess master-level coaching perfect for all levels, especially advanced chess players

from $64/hr



  • Please allow us at least 24 hours to find the best match and finalize the schedule with the instructor. If you do not see an email from us within 1 business day, please kindly check the Spam folders.

  • We have coaches across the United States and internationally, which allows us to accommodate students from different time zones. Please indicate the time zone you are in when signing up.

Note: Please give us at least one (1) day notice if you need to cancel or reschedule a class. Any missed class without any notice will be considered as a full session.

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