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Through the inclusion of diverse student identities, inquiry based learning, and data-driven decision making, Q300 will graduate students who collaborate with others to ask meaningful questions, to solve complex problems, and to engage responsibly with their communities and beyond.

2022-2023 Afterschool Program

Children’s development can be positively affected by introducing them to abstract strategy games. These activities help improve cognitive skills and attention span. The students across all ability levels would be coached at chess, play matches against one another, and be encouraged to learn aspects of the game together. The number of instructors provided in such a way that children can work with in small groups, maximizing the individual attention that each student gets. Student progress will be assessed by instructors throughout the duration of the program. This would then be used to adjust the levels at which the students are taught.

* Please fill out the form at checkout to indicate the level. The participants will be grouped and divided based on their levels (the coaches will also do an assessment to ensure the participants are in their appropriate group) and whenever the kids are ready to be "promoted", we will automatically move them up to the next level.

Fall Classes - September-December 2022

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