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Online Program


For players rated 1300-1800

Fall classes registration is up!

Thursday Queens Classes

Open to all ages. Competitive interactive online lesson for advanced level, with USCF Rating of 1300-1800.


Similar to traditional settings, participants will have time to play a supervised game. We are using LiChess platform for playing. All participants are required to create a free account on LiChess and join the New York Chess Academy team for the coach to be able to monitor the game.

Focuses on opening, middle-game understanding, strategy, positional play, and endgame techniques. Activities include discussion, problem-solving, supervised gameplay, game analysis, and homework.

This section is a much more serious and competitive training ideal for tournament players.

Maximum of 8 participants for each class.

Thursday Queens Program (Online)
September 2023 - June 2024
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