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PS 770K - New American Academy

60 E 94th St, Brooklyn, NY 11212

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with PS770K! The classes are open to all PS 770K students, from beginner to advanced levels, Pre-K through 5th grade. The lesson plans will be adjusted based on the level of the students.

  • For beginner levels: The students will learn the basics of chess and build a solid foundation needed to move ahead - from the movements and values of the pieces, to tactics and different checkmate patterns.

  • For intermediate levels: The students will have a better understanding of the patterns, tactics, and principles in the opening, middle game, and end game.

  • For advanced levels: The students will focus on the strategizing, thinking process, and have a deep understanding of different openings and endgame techniques. 

* Please fill out the form at checkout to indicate the level. The participants will be grouped and divided based on their levels (the coaches will also do an assessment to ensure the participants are in their appropriate group) and whenever the kids are ready to be "promoted", we will automatically move them up to the next level.

Not sure if this is the correct group? See Level Guide

Afterschool Program (September 2023 - June 2024)
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