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Icahn Charter Schools

Bronx, New York
Icahn Charter Schools

Icahn Charter Schools, in partnership with New York Chess Academy, aims to promote the academic, social-emotional, and development of youth through chess.

  • For beginner levels: The students will learn the basics of chess and build a solid foundation needed to move ahead - from the movements and values of the pieces, to tactics and different checkmate patterns.

  • For intermediate levels: The students will have a better understanding of the patterns, tactics, and principles in the opening, middle game, and end game.

  • For advanced levels: The students will focus on the strategizing, thinking process, and have a deep understanding of different openings and endgame techniques. 

* Classes are open to Icahn students only


New York Chess Academy and Icahn Charter Schools

Situated in New York City, Icahn Charter School distinguishes itself from other schools through its use of the renowned Core Knowledge curriculum supplemented with enriching activities. Furthermore, the school creates a strong sense of community within its students, parents, and teachers, which makes it a great match for NYCA’s community-based approach. Also, as Icahn accommodates students of a wide range of ages, NYCA’s selection of programs and experience coaching kids of all ages may be utilized in full capacity. The students also work in small classes, further aligning with NYCA’s teaching style.


Icahn aims to raise the bar in academic achievement through its in-school and after-school activities, giving every child the opportunity they deserve.


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