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Tournaments at Q300 are open to all players rated 1400 and under (Pre-K-12). Rated and unrated sections.

Q300 Tournament (May 6, 2023)
28-37 29th St, Queens, NY 11102
General Information:​
  • Game Format: Swiss System

  • USCF Membership: Current USCF membership required for all sections, except Novice

  • All sections will play 4 games. Time control of g/25;d5 for all rated sections

  • Registration and Entry fee: $40 by April 21, 2023, 11:59 PM, $50 after.

  • Check-in: Arrival 15 minutes before the event is required for check-in

  • Awards / Prizes: Trophies for top 10. Medals for all other players with 2 points and up.

  • Equipment: Chess sets, clocks, and notation sheets provided​

  • All children must be chaperoned by an adult. Entrance to the event will be through the school courtyard on 30th avenue at 29th street.

  • Parents are expected to monitor their children while they are waiting for their games to begin.  We suggest bringing books or quiet games to play, and encourage quiet discussion in the waiting area in between turns.  Safety is paramount and students will be expected to sit quietly.  There can be no loud games or running in the waiting area or school hallways.

  • Registration fee may be reduced or waived for those in need of financial assistance. Please email to request

  • For questions, please email

Tournament participation will be finalized closer to the dates based upon the changing COVID-19 situation and potential DOE protocols at that time

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