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1st New York Sense Tournament

On February 27, 2022, Sense Academy - in cooperation with NYCA - hosted the first New York Sense Chess Tournament. Many participants from across all age groups were able to come together and take part in the in-person event. For the organizing committee, it was a great honor to hold an event which was many competitors’ first tournament. The return to in-person matches as part of this tournament has also been refreshing for the players and played a role in making this meet a smash hit!

With an accommodating space for parents and guardians to watch the matches, the event was a great success and a fun day for everyone. The supportive atmosphere made for a very welcoming mood and ensured that everyone felt part of the community. It proved to be a fantastic opportunity for the players to meet their friends, make new ones, and enjoy playing the game together.

Thanks to everyone’s effort in making the previous event such a success, NYCA is delighted to announce the 2nd New York Sense Tournament which will take place on July 31st. We are committed to making the event even bigger and better than the last. We look forward to seeing everyone again as well as meeting new faces!

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