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NYCA Team @ USATE 2022

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

On February 19-21, NYCA took part in the 2022 US Amateur Team East Championship. This was a big in-person team event and a great opportunity for our players to compete; so, needless to say, we were very excited to participate!

Altogether, 254 teams participated in the event. NYCA representation consisted of four groups, each with four players. Team A had GM Mark Paragua, FM Ivan Biag, Jan Paragua, and Alec Choi; Team B had Andy J., Tyler H., Neal H., and Eric W.; Team C had Rebecca C., Keyla A., James B., and Eamonn H.; while Team D had Suvan B., Nathan P., KJ P., and Levon P..

USATE 2022 was organized and hosted by the New Jersey State Chess Federation, who have been holding the annual event since 1971. NJSCF are an active promoter of chess nationwide, and their USATE series of tournaments constitutes some of the biggest and most recognised chess competitions in the country.

Put simply, NYCA’s trip to the event was a blast. By playing as part of a group, our students had an excellent opportunity to work together and cultivate teamwork. Participating together in such a big tournament was also incredibly motivating for the kids, who had a great time meeting and connecting with one another while testing out and further improving their chess skills.

Along with the supportive atmosphere, our players had plenty of opportunities to take part in game analysis after each round. Many of our younger participants benefited greatly from this and found it very motivating.

Lastly, we are very pleased to announce that NYCA won the Top Company award, which is presented to the best team associated with a business. We are ecstatic to receive such an honor.

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