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Why Do So Many People Like Chess?

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Chess is a very old game and it has been around for at least a hundred of years and people are still currently going strong with their passion. Some of you may wonder why this is the case?

There are many board games after all that come and go or didn't really make it big enough to be significant in history, yet chess is here to stay. What is it about this game that makes it so attractive and long-lasting?

That is what we are going to discuss in this article. We are going to pick apart several aspects of the game and why it is so likeable.

This will make anyone appreciate the game more, since we are going to be diving into the minds of the general population. Keep on reading if you are interested in this topic.

People like chess because there's always something new to discover

So many people like chess because there's always something new to the table that would add spice to the game experience. Whether it is a new opening, a drawing tactic, or a rating challenge, there is something new that can intrigue interest.

The thing with many games is they naturally lose their attractive qualities over time, probably because of repeatable aspects of the game that make it quite boring. There has to be something new that would keep people interested.

Chess got that aspect covered. It may just be a single game, but there are many different new things that one will encounter as they become better. One example is the time control, players will need to master different (new) time controls as they become better.

Another is the rating challenges, as they become better they will face stronger competition that will have a precarious style of playing and they have to win, anyway. Also, a player can mix it up with playing gambits and weird openings that will make the game quite interesting.

People like chess because they want to create their own masterpieces

Most people do not play chess just because it involves critical thinking (if we are being honest). A lot of players participate because they genuinely enjoy creating masterpieces. Chess is indeed complicated, but it also makes the game more interesting.

Some consider playing chess an art. It is no wonder, since there are many games that are so beautiful that it is something one can be proud of. Most players, no matter their level, will have masterpieces here and there.

Many players dream of creating their own masterpiece based on the experience that they have learned over time. There is a sense of pride that would boost someone's morale to continue playing. A lot of people like the game because they can be the star at some point.

Apart from all, the games where one has played significantly well can be saved in the form of an easy PNG or FEN. There will be a proof that an individual has actually played the wonderful game and now can be shared to a community of people who can appreciate it.

People enjoy playing chess because of their favorite chess players

There are many people out there who like chess not because they want to play it, but because they want to observe the games of their favorite chess players who can create masterpieces. Super grandmasters have a lot of fans that keep up with their games.

This is especially true in the advent of online sharing platforms where a regular individual can view a chess master's face, behavior, habits, etc. quite casually. People can get to know a chess master from the comfort of their own home.

I would say that as of the current time, there are definitely many of these individuals that make up the majority of the population. They don't necessarily play the game to compete. They just want to participate in order to simulate their favorite player's favorite game.

They still like the game but do not desire to be at the top level, a lot of this can be found on YouTube where they can view their favorite games and discuss it with other interested individuals.

People enjoy playing chess because of their favorite influencers

Nowadays, so many people like chess because of the chess influencers that have popped-up from YouTube and Twitch, it has started a community that brings people together and gives a sense of association.

This is usually what keeps people interested in something for such a long time, not just because they love the game, but they also like the community that has been built around it. This is where they can discuss aspects of the thing for a long time.

When people can constantly think about some aspect of the game, it is much harder to forget it. The community alone, no matter how small, can revive the dying game. This definitely applies to chess.

With the amount of support it has received from influencers, there will always be a significant community that is around to keep telling the tale. So many people like chess because they can interact with someone of shared interest and just have a good discussion over it.


So many people like chess not just because of the mental improvement part, but also of the aspects that keep the game interesting. There is always something new to discover in chess. It will hardly be boring.

One can mix it up with different time controls or formats that keep them interested, or they can just watch the games played by chess professionals and discuss what they think of it. There are so many things to do.

There is also a community around it that builds a sense of association, something that will keep an individual interested for a period of time. One can discuss their passion for chess on Facebook, for example, since it is already popular.

But the best reason of all is they want to create their own masterpieces, something that they can be proud of and is a product of their own hard work.

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