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EPIC Academy

615 Degraw St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

New York Chess Academy is now partnered with EPIC Academy in promoting chess as part of the curriculum. Classes are offered to all EPIC Academy K-5 students.


EPIC Academy aims to provide top-quality teaching and support to students with special needs. By empowering students and fostering a positive culture of respect and inclusivity, EPIC’s vision is to create an environment where students can flourish. Like NYCA, EPIC’s approach to classrooms also revolves around enrolling small groups, encouraging a close-knit community and sufficient individual aid for each student. This focus on community in particular resonates with NYCA’s vision, leading to an excellent partnership between the two organizations.

Through their various therapeutic programs, EPIC’s expertise enables them to help students from a broad range of background and diagnoses. Additionally, EPIC’s carefully-prepared curriculum not only enables students to develop every facet of their academic and social capabilities but also sparks a life-long passion for learning.

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